More T-SPIRIT soon stay tuned in ❤

T-Note: I love to share the many ways and experiences of SPIRIT from my lifes journey.  Its my a new connection and I AM blessed to have this deep and sacred relationship with SPIRIT. It is my life force, runs through me, and is part of everything.  Sometimes we just need something to help us reconnect.  Like taking a conscious breath, a mental pause, so the intake of new air/oxygen enters your lungs within your Heart chakra/center bringing new life force. Breathing out the old unused oxygen (carbon dioxide) and any stress, pain, stuff that its time to let go. Conscious breathing in and out with the NEW/OLD.  Be sure to have something positive to fill in the spot and feeling it so its the new you with more Spirit.  I love the energy of LOVE,  and have used that as the final blessing for myself.

I love to tell SPIRIT ” I AM open and ready, I open my wings, You Guide in me, as long as its for my highest good, I trust and let go, Thank you, I love you!”


Photos taken while in Southern England. Above left at the Glastonbury Chalice Well which has such a sweet Divine Current of Spirit and Life. Below Left: Spirit of T glowing in happiness  in Poole, Dorset with Love of Life & Spirit- taking time to integrate n conscious moments to tune in and tune out, so Spirit flows in and out. Angel Shades, well I believe in Angels and Spirit of Angels.  We are blessed to have the love and support of our Angels, connecting with them adds more spirit to your life and loved ones.

I love Life..  I love Spirit.