T-Body: Learning to LOVE our Body as a very special Vehicle for your Spirit.  Some say and I do feel and know, it’s a Temple for my Soul, its a Channel for the Divine to flow through and express that Essence, the Light.  Just like any vehicle it needs attention and care…

Vibrant n Fresh by Tlove

TNOTE: Whatever you think and feel is key to how you create a Body- Mind relationship.  We know that we must eat well to keep it functioning well- healthy and vibrant.  I used to say  “We are what we eat” and then learned to realize I am what I Think.  So what am I saying and feeling about my Body? Learning to be more self-loving and compassionate instead of hard and expecting more, or allowing society to help influence me to think a certain way of my body.  Some simple new codes for the brain to send to the body. I AM Perfect , I AM Healthy,  I AM Happy.  I imagine a communication happening from mind to my body and it responds positively upgrading my cells and every part of my body.

Keeping a healthy BODY is so important.  I look forward to sharing my views and lifestyle with you for a vibrant BODY.  First is to LOVE your body, be kind and gentle and pay attention to all the signs.  There is an amazing intelligence within the Body, having a body-mind connection allows one to tune into and understand those messages before its past the signals.  Pay attention and give some Love to your Body now ❤   ❤   ❤  (Can be physical, emotional or mental Love)

Cover Photo : T Body in Saluda, South Carolina in the spirit of nature.

Salad Photo: Ash Village-Sanctuary, Asheville, NC has the cleanest array of greens, herbs, flowers to make any meal a delicious, nutritious, and beautiful.

Juice Below:  in Dorsett, England.  Just Bullet it with Yummy beets, ginger, garlic, lemon and rhine, avocado, turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper, cayenne pepper, coconut water, rhubarb.  Strange mix but it was yummy.

Second Image below, love the slide in yard, have fun and keep your body healthy to slide through life with fun and smiles 🙂


Bringing in Nature INSIDE:  Beauty in Nature.  Eat more nature for your Beauty.   I LOVE Flowers especially from the garden.  Add some flowers to add more beauty to your home.20160612_155503.jpg