T-Heart:  My favorite aspect of Life is LOVE and the Heart is the sacred home for this Divine essence.  As we awaken the Heart, our whole reality and experience begins to transform.  Its a Journey to the Heart, a Journey to the Soul, a Journey Home to Peace and Grace.  A Journey Home to the Oneness.

T-Note:  A simple way I have found to awaken my heart is opening my lungs to breathe in more energy allowing expansion of my intake for more space for love from the nature. I invite you

to take a moment of conscious breathing and connect with nature. Invite it inwards and make the connection. A moment of the heart ❤

I look forward to sharing more T-Heart Inspirations soon, stayed tuned in ❤


Above: Heart awakening moment to find a heart polished pebble on the beach in Suffolk, NE England.


T Foto:  Panama Canal Causeway (Amador).  Favorite time of the day for T, Sunset!! Time to sungaze and appreciate life, the day, the joys, the pains, the ease of taking a moment to tune out and tune in to nature. The element of Fire, the Sun, which is a huge force of life for Mother Earth. This relates with the Solar Plexus (Stomach) Center/Chakra.  The element of Water, the liquid nectar and current within and all about. This relates to the Sacral/Navel Chakra.