Wow, its amazing how I feel, so grateful for this experience.
The easterly drive across the USA has been a site and adventure to say the least.  I was again so Blessed to see my loving Soul Family and have them take me in their arms and heart. Sweet Panama Connections!! I love the tribe, the family, the Love that we feel and connect to enhancing our Network of Love Beings here on this Planet.
Thank you for your love and support always…
Leaving California was long (traffic out of big cities like San Fran and LA ) which give me time to enjoy the terrain and slow down to see the messages of Spirit.  I love birds and I have seen numerous of prey birds like Falcons, Hawks, Osprey (my favorites). They appear at the time I was thinking or feeling something, so I get the confirmation.  As well I see the signs and messages in other areas, because I am open and expanding my awareness outside of my bubble. Look up Look around and Look beyond your mode/ your box/ your fast pace.
Spirit and Nature have messages for you…
Cali to Tucson, AZ was a long drive but worth it to see Othon Molina, my dear soul brother.  Short and sweet visit and special feeling being back in desert.  Loved the time I lived in Arizona and the land of the sacred times w/ the Indian territory.
Texas was an endless state to get across in 3 dys, thank Goddess I got to stop and stay with SisStar Carina Carinosa in Austin.  Special times to juice up our hearts with eternal Love and be treated with a massage and some dancing 🙂 Gotta move all that stuck energy from sitting..
Leaving TX entering into Louisiana was sweet to go from dry to wetlands and moist land, such a gift to see Mother Natures terrain and eco systems, so remind me of our big body and all the terrain and systems within.
My sweet SisStar Billie Rinehart welcomed me for a nice visit and with her family. I love that my final visit of my trip was with my sister and my passion.  I was able to share my passion and wisdom in the areas that I have learned from my Spiritual Journey ( Tools on Energetic Hygeine,  Chakra Balancing, Positive & Creative Manifesting,  Guiding Healing and Sound Meditation..Yeah more SisStar Goddess time…
I am thrilled to be on my way to Auburn (Las Palomas- the doves) to be with my family and prepare for our big Family reunion.  My heart is so filled with Love and Gratitude, I cant wait to hug you.
To those I might not hug in person.. here is a Cyber HUG.. I LOVE YOU and appreciate you.
 T- Note:
Keep on Keeping on!  Its a powerful time to feel the LOVE within to share it and assist our reality to a more LOVED based, less Mind based, more Feeling less thinking.  We do create our reality, it took me a long time to understand, accept and now create and manifest my reality.  Be aware of your thinking, the thoughts, the feelings, be a witness or just pay attention to what you are sending out.  We are like transmitters, the Universe and Spirit receives our transmissions.. so hear, listen, watch, feel your actions and thoughts so you can tailor, shift, re-program that moment to be more positive, to feel better and giving to attention ans time to yourself.  If we dont pay attention to these times we might not realize that we are planting the seeds for our future.  Spirit loves us and sends our requests back to us, like the Law of Attraction, Energy Follows Thought,  what we send out we receive back… I truly am living a more Soul Focused Life  with conscious awareness (as often as possible) and use my knowledge and wisdom to apply in the Present to create a Loving and Graceful reality.  The nature of your mind is the nature of your Reality…
Are you happy with yours?…
I would like to invite you to take a moment and breathe IN a deep breath, let out a deep breath.. make space for more oxygen… as you Inhale Invite LifeForce/Nature Energy into your lungs, your heart and breathe out and let go what does not serve you, the stress, pain, worry, fear etc… let it go and tell yourself  I LET GO of…,  Help yourself and LOVE yourself in a new way for this moment.. Close your eyes and Feel the next breath entering into your Heart as you invite the thought and intention in like love, peace, health, happiness, etc for an ugraded enhanced vibration for all parts of you.
Loving yourself with a momemt of Peace and Love with your Breath.
Life if Breath!
Thank you for sharing your breath of Love for You and others…
I love you ❤