Hello and Greetings Sweet Ones 🙂  Yes U:)  The Hummingbird has been my sweet Spirit Animal Guide for many years.  Today I saw her as my message for the buzzzzzzzzzz.  Its the Nectar of Life ❤

Fall Buzz is the short review of September and October. I trust your Journey has been quite a ride these past few  months.  I know my Journey has been. Literally its been over 1 month now that left Asheville, NC (Mountain Spring Summer Retreat).  It seems like a lifetime(s) since my Journey across the USA West, with some spectacular stops like Auburn AL with

unnamed-2  Mom and sister Maria,

Then Arkansas crystal ridge and Hot Springs, Oh I so love those hot water healing waters. A longtime coming Oklahoma Family Visit, New Mexico Heart Vibes the whole drive, short Sedona Spirit in AZ and then to Bhakti Fest – Joshua Tree Forrest, southern California.  Such a blessing to experience the Soul Tribe and Bhakti Vibe, as I embodied and glowed the “Bhakti Bliss”.


Bhakti Fest:  4 daze of Magic in the Desert. Amazing Yoga classes (3 salas for teachers & musicians), 2 big stages for Kirtan Devotional Music of all types, a sonic Sound Temple, a sweet Healing Garden area, 3 workshop salas/areas, Men&Women Lodges/Tents, awesome vendors of super items of all sorts, and a sweet vapor of:  happiness, joy, prayer, adventure, movement/dance, self expression, sense of harmony, authentic individualism yet family as community, one love tribe with spirit, feeling safe to roam in freedom, tapping, floating and uprising in unity & love consciousness. Taking and talking on the higher vibes of life and our Evolution here on Planet Earth. Learning & Being more Responsible and thinking for the whole box as well as outside of the box we know.  Loved the innovation and new aspects to live with life for sustainability, harmony and respect. You know me as a T-Hugger and lover of nature.  Yes the desert was HOT as tameles for sure.  Iam a lover of the heat especially over cold, so I learned some tricks and most basic “stay in the shade” or use my umbrella. The line up was incredible & a super packed schedules. Meeting new tribe or reconnecting esp with the Panama Tribe (Grace & Sara). A special video soon so subscribe to T-Time. IAM forever ANEW, with a deeper Oneness with Body, Mind, Heart, Soul… Thank you Bhakti Fest & Family ❤  I ❤ U

Bhakti Integration at Mineral Springs, southern Cali for some soak time. Yes Iam a fan of warm waters and feel I will visit many on the West Coast.  They are so healing and therapeutic plus feel amazing.  Yumminess for the Body.

Onwards with the northbound Journey to Oceano – outside of Santa Barbara for a sweet morning practice on the beach. Oh how I love the Ocean so… It was my first time to drive through San Francisco upwards to Santa Rosa.  Visiting with my sweet SisStar Ali for a loving rest and catch up.  The family of loved ones on the way make it the icing on the cake 🙂 Thank you.

Mount Shasta Arrival in north Cali.  Landed at the top parking of Mt Shasta for Full Moon Sept 16th which was super powerful and strong.  My perfect timing to start with the preparing my body, mind, heart and soul for the 2 week experience. Enjoyed the Finlandia Motel, awesome Finland Sauna and ok hot tub. Stewart Mineral Springs with the Silica hot mineral bath soak, sauna and cold river plunge was a series I could not get enough of.  Two Saturdays I participated and loved the Sweat Lodge with a powerful shaman/chief/brother. The experience of Mount Shasta was beyond anything I could of dreamed up.  The land and nature energy is so strong there, she is beautiful, the volcano view and vibe.  She is a portal and vortex for activity of all sorts and dimensions as well as the home for many beings of many dimensions.  The Mount Shasta Journey and Mastery Training was led by Deborah Mills, my teacher, guide, healer, sisStar and I work with and for her.  I was able to assist the group and her, which was a gift for all of us. Being part of the group and assisting the group – I so love..the balance of share and receive.  Oh the depth of my inner journey to expand in my soul awareness and connection was so rich and activating many memories that stirred up lifetime (karmic) and soul healing and transformation on all levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.  The daily journey to on the land with unbelievable meditations and light activations with Deborah and the family of Spirit, especially the Telosians (Lemurian Community of Light Beings).  The gift to learn how this Divine Family lives and exists in and beyond 5D, is mind explosive and heart harmonizing that it is possible to be in a Divine Living experience.  Yeah something I know why Iam here on this planet for, its been a force unknown but so felt, so I learned to soften my humanness and surrender to the time for the experience and expand in these 5D vibes upwards and onwards.  I have been saying this as a Mantra for a while. Onwards and upwards.. The 2nd week was another deep profound life and light transformation.  Enriching in the energies with the Ascended Masters with meditations, messages, activations, healings, experiencing and expansion of wisdom, love, power, light, love, laughter…the keys to reach a higher state of being as guides from their prior journey.  We are here to support each other on this Evolving Planet whether in physical form or energy form and Spirit Form.  I was humbled by my human ego and persona to open to the embodying of my IAM Presence – the Gift of the God/Goddess Essence that is within my HEART, within every cell/atom/fiber of my being, as well above in the higher alignment of my spiritual anatomy.  Once we learn to align to that higher self, our reality shifts, our reality opens to a new and expanded version. Energy holds on to no barriers, especially energy of Source and Light.  I love Energy. The energy I felt running through my heart and body is the upgrade and reactivation of the God/Goddess code.  Wowza Iam blessed in so many ways. The group of both weeks were incredible, loving Soul Family connections.  Sweet new ones and old rich ones with so much healing and deep transformation on so many levels for so many.  We did it collectively, transparently and loving, one heart, one Love.  Thank you Brothers and SisStars…

Resting a few days for integration was a treat in Mount Shasta.  BURRRRR I stayed in bed for hours as it was super cold, rainy and snowy. I got a new biomat which is an Infra Red Negative Ion infuser with Amethyst and Tourmaline for the body n spirit, which kept me warm many nights. (my new best friend)

I was so fortunate to be in town during the Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour with 11 monks came.  I honored and felt their sacred practice, culture with the ceremonies I got to participate in – Sacred Objects Blessing, Tea Ceremony and Prayers, Healing Lecture and Sand Mandala art. I happened to visit at the perfect time, when they were eating, I was invited in and then visited a short while with a few.  The smiles in their hearts are so radiant.

20161004_175702  20161004_175333


Now my new chapter begins as I flow in a new area of my Journey.

T-Time short n sweet YouTube pls visit

For those that know me, I am excited about Unicorns, especially after Scotland & England. My driving FairyAngel the Unicorn and Marea (Toyota Rav) create a smooth cruisy ride. Onwards now to new territory to see and journey through.  The adventure as T will be on a Farm for fundraising to support the T-Gypsy Journey and life.  Heading out West Cali for a while and will be OFFLINE.  There is no WIFI, which is good and I guess it is what it is.  So I will tune in when I can to share the latest in Ts Journey.  I feel so much NEWness and the unknown about to burst with my passion of life, love, laugther, and life.  Until then keep the Peace & Love Flowing through your Body, Mind. Heart and Spirit.  You are the creator of your Life,  make it a good one or as best you can. The artist within…>3


IAM sending you big hugs and much Love.  Tluvs u<3