My Gypsy Run to Florida

It was a quick week to connect with my beautiful Soul family, Soul tribe and Blood family. I’m so grateful to have a short n sweet time with my loved ones.


Driving into Florida – I landed in Sarasota with Ariyana – Jill. Always a treat. Thank you 😊

Day 1 Journey South.  I was so fortunate to get to go out on the ocean in Naples and be w my SisStar Corrin, a her familia. Had to see little Noah, my godson. The magical ocean life is amazing especially the dolphins.  I forgot how intense the Florida sun is and I learned another lesson cover-up all over.

Thank you SisStar Samantha Marcum in Fort Lauderdale for hosting me a few days. So awesome and loved our beach time.

Amazing Day 2 @ FLL beach -small 🇵🇦 Panamá zonie world I hear Jorge Bonilla “hey T” 😎 


Day 3- I to be able to have a day alone in Hollywood Beach.. I felt like a tourist in my old hometown where I spent so much time. Loved Sunrise and then a gift to see Nava on the boardwalk.

Thank you Michelle Rassner Cash for my new Tibetan Singing bowl from Nepal. I blessed it up!

I had a yummy lunch with Ali Regli so special to see you and appreciate our sisterhood.

Enjoyed a special visit with Gaia Calcaterra “Life of Gaia” is growing  check it out!

Traveling South I stopped by SoBe for a quick memory lane and see Jason Gordon and his beautiful family.

It was wonderful to spend time with my sister-in-law and niece Janette and Michelle Martinez. 😘Love the time to catch up and hang out specially on your back patio so awesome.  Thank you 🙏

So happy I snuck in a short visit w Ernesto Ortiz.

Always a must go see Dr Edgar Romero  a Neuro chiropractor in Miami. He has magic gifts.

It was so special to see Jeffrey – Jahidi and share quality sacred time. Amazing and Divine our connection. It’s really sweet to be with conscious Beloveds.🌹


I so loved seeing my nephew Alex Azcarraga and his beautiful family-enjoyed to see the little ones and share in their preciousness. The family is growing 👍


I know there was a few dear friends n tribe I wanted to connect with and I did not have the time this trip.  Big hugs- I love you 😍

Leaving south Florida,  It was a gift, actually a manifestation to be able to go to Ecstatic dance with my teacher and dear sister Star Triana in Lake Worth. What a blessing and so wonderful dance and connect with Marianne Baum.


Journey onwards as I go north to see my goddaughter Alyssa Crowl in Orlando.  It’s always sweet even if short – it makes a big difference when you get a hug and share the love.❤️


My final adventure to Saint Augustine for a couple hours was a high light. It was interesting to feel the old energy and the history.  I loved passing through quaint town. Connected with a dear soul family for some healing and amazing therapies.

Tree Posing practicing my balance and youthfulness in trees (magical oak trees).

It was very interesting to be out in public in Florida. I really don’t go many places while in Auburn. Of course always careful – many of my family and friends we had social distancing – we didn’t even take pictures. Be conscious and smart is safe now days.

It’s a different time for us all , we are in a different phase of life right now. Continue to flow with these changing times. Good that we can connect in different ways utilizing our energetic connection in our Heart and Soul. Activate those spiritual gifts  

So grateful for such an amazing journey that I have been on. Thanks for Journeying with Me.


Namaste 🙏