Learning to LOVE our Body as a very special Vehicle for your Spirit.  Some say and I do,  it’s a Temple for my Soul, its a Channel for the Divine to flow through and express that Essence-Light.  What ever you think and feel is key to how you create a Body- Mind relationship.  We know that we must eat good to keep it functioning well- healthy and vibrant.  I used to say  “We are what we eat” and then learned to realize I am what I Think.  So what am I saying and feeling about my Body.  Learning to be more self loving and compassionate instead of hard and expecting more or using society to help influence me to think a certain way of my body.  IAM perfect as I Am regardless of what I look like will help the mind to keep the program healthy.

Keeping a healthy BODY is so important.  I look forward to sharing my views and lifestyle with you for a vibrant BODY.  First is to LOVE your body, be kind and gentle and pay attention to all the signs.  There is an amazing intelligence within the Body, having a body mind connection allows one to tune into and understand those messages before its past the signals.  Pay attention and give some Love to your Body now ❤ ❤ ❤